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About Xero Bookkeeper

Xero Bookkeeper is a cloud based accounting and bookkeeping software platform that was developed in New Zealand in 2006 for small to medium sized businesses. Its head office is in Wellington, New Zealand and it now has offices in Australia, UK, America, Asia, Canada and South Africa and used in over 180 countries World Wide. It is now a public company on the stock exchange where everyone can become a shareholder.

The main features of Xero include its easy user friendly system, advanced automatic credit card and bank account feeds, ease of importing different bank and credit card statements, accounts payable, invoicing, expense claims, purchase orders, scalable fixed asset depreciation, and standard business and management reporting.

Bookkeeper Gold Coast

Xero offers as part of the package a free third party software that allows users an integration of external applications for vendors, customers and with Xero.

Xero supports multiple tax and currency rates and incorporates a payroll feature as well as a multiple projects feature. Additionally, users can contact and access local teams in countries such as New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Europe and Asia for different ideas and applications.

Xero stores all your data in a single, unified ledger in “the cloud”, this allows users those (with access ability), client, bookkeeper, accountant and other third party’s to work in altogether with the same set of books or accounts, regardless of which operating system you use, the time of day or which country or state you are in.

Xero bookkeeper works fast in real time with a simple design that is easy for its users to see at a glance their financial situation. It includes the Xero touch app for mobile iOS and Android devices. These features allow Xero bookkeeper users on The Gold Coast to issue invoice while on site and away from their usual business locations. They have also partnered with PayPal which allows users to pay and receive money directly from their invoices.

Advantages of Xero Bookkeeper

When your business is just starting or very small, many people cannot afford to employ a bookkeeper, but having a Xero Bookkeeper application on The Gold Coast, means that it is much simpler to do your own bookkeeping until your business becomes established and then it is time to consider having a bookkeeping service oversee or even take over to leave you time to work on your business.

Some of the things that Xero Bookkeeper can help with your business:

  • Allows you to concentrate on your business strategy and develop your services while Xero keeps track of the fine details and processes, then records them in the cloud software, so your outsourced bookkeeper can monitor and adjust where necessary, leaving you some important time to relax when not directly involved with your company
  • Xero Bookkeeper on The Gold Coast

Xero will help save your day to day running expenses as it is easy to use and does not require you to manually write in a journal, it can work directly from your cash register or online e-commerce sites

  • By having Xero as your silent partner you have in effect a second set of eyes ensuring your accounts are accurate and that your cash is secure, with accounts being paid on time as well as taxes both your direct and the indirect like GST being calculated and ready to be paid
  • You always have quick access to all your financial data without having to wait for an accountant “to get around to” sending you the data you need now
  • You can work on your data or accounts directly from the cloud at the same time as your bookkeeper and accountant are working on it so you can see just what’s happening to different aspects of your business
  • Having proper books and good bookkeeping practices are vital for all businesses. When using Xero Bookkeeper on The Gold Coast, you are covered and comply with your the legal obligation of keeping proper books. This makes it easy to file your proper reports and tax returns to the tax department. You will also be in the position of knowing of any future tax bills ad the approximate amounts that are coming up so you can make provision for them
  • Your Xero Bookkeeper on The Gold Coast will give you peace of mind knowing the condition of your finances and also allow you to plan ahead with confidence because you can easily predict where your company is headed

How First Bookkeeping the Xero Bookkeeper on the Gold Coast will help you?

  • First Bookkeeping will help you by introducing you to the Xero Bookkeeping system where you can input all of your sales details right at the point of sale either through your computerized cash register or via your e-commerce website using a computer or even a handheld device.
  • They will clean up your books in areas such as:
  • Finding and removing or correcting any data entry errors
  • Ensure that all your book work is up to date and correct
  • Find or authenticate any lost or missing documentation, including invoices and other proof of purchase for your expenses
  • Missed or incorrect tax breaks and payments to ensure you do not get any late payment penalties or interest as well as benefiting from all the new legitimate tax breaks and incentives that come up from time to time
  • Payroll including wages, salaries, taxes and workers’ contributions to Super Annuation and Medicare and other government contributions where necessary
  • Improve your invoicing system this is vital to ensuring that you can maintain a healthy cash flow. You will then be able to be paid on time by setting up an automated invoicing system which automatically sends invoices as the goods or services are delivered. The sooner you send your invoice the quicker you will be paid.
  • Using First Bookkeepers Xero you will have an instant check on who has and has not paid their accounts on time. This app will also provide and also provide your customers with multiple methods of payment
  • By having First Bookkeeping the Xero Bookkeeper on The Gold Coast oversea your books even if you elect to do much of the data entry yourself, this will ensure that everything is done correctly and you will know just where your finances stand.

They can advise you on the eligibility and practicality of seeking loans or paying off early loans you already have to maximize the value you are getting for finance and boost your overall profitability.

They can help you to unblock areas in your business where there are unnecessary cost that are stifling your cash flow and also help you find the areas that are driving your sales and revenue. Once these areas are located they can help you find innovative ways to improve on them to get the best possible returns on your energy and investment

  • First Bookkeeper using Xero Bookkeeper on The Gold Coast is a community minded local company that is dedicated to providing its customers with a friendly, results based personal service that meets their individual needs. T understands that every business is different and has different needs so is set up to and allows their customers or users to through the use of the “” become involved in their bookkeeping to the extent their abilities and the time restraints their business allows

Xero Bookkeeper Gold Coast

Doing your Bookkeeping Yourself

Doing your bookkeeping totally yourself is fine if you’re able and enjoy bookkeeping, but most of us find that it is the least favorite aspect of running a business.

There are many valid reasons why getting a professional in is a good idea, having your bookkeeping done or outsourcing it should be looked on as a good business strategy and an investment in your future. These are some potential downsides of doing your own accounting or bookkeeping:

  • It is very hard to keep up with all the latest tax breaks and new regulations and easy to miss out on claiming your valid expenses and exemptions
  • You underestimate your tax bill and do not have the provision to settle so incur late payment penalties and interest charges
  • It is easy to fall behind with sending invoices and checking to see if people have paid. Then you have to go through the hassle of chasing unpaid accounts and bad debts
  • You are in a hurry so make mistakes that can take hours to find then fix
  • You do not have the necessary reliable information about your business, especially your financial position, so are unable to make informed decisions about many aspects of your business. This can result in judgments that are detrimental to your business, but5 could have been avoided if you had had the advantage of a bookkeeper or accountant to ensure you had the right information to make a decision that was in you and your businesses overall best interests.

Xero Bookkeeping is all about using the best and latest technology to ensure that your company is always running at peak efficiency and that your bookkeeping is easy, accurate and cost effective. Giving you the information you need to make the proper business decisions and advance your business

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