• On-site bookwork


This is having our staff come to your place of work and conduct all bookwork onsite.  For some clients this is the only option.


      • Travel Costs
        • Southern Gold Coast        $25 per day + GST
        • Northern Gold Coast        $50 per day + GST
        • Northern NSW                     $25 per day + GST


      • Bookwork Costs
        • Minimum charge per day           $120 + GST
        • $60 per hour + GST


    • Off-site bookwork


With the use of technology these days we can log into your system either via your cloud based program or direct into your computer.  There are several ways of doing this and 50% of our clients choose this option.  This is more convenient and cost effective.


      • Login Costs
        • Logmein Pro            $59.95            per comp / p.a
        • Other login programs                   at cost


      • Bookwork Costs
        • $60 per hour + GST
        • no minimum cost


      • Stationery & Other Costs
        • Stationery                                         at cost
        • Other costs                                       at cost


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