How to Pick a Bookkeeper

Every business large or small needs a bookkeeper, it is an important area of any business as the bookkeeper you chose can make your business more profitable or break it, so choosing the right person to be your bookkeeper is crucial. The decision should be made by considering the best options for your business and not just finding the cheapest solution possible. These are some ideas to help you chose the right person for the job if you are looking for bookeeping gold coast.

  • Organisation

You need a bookkeeper who understands the requirements of your business and industry so they are ready to make sure all the processes of your business are streamlined and well ordered. They need to be able to meet timelines, provide you with timely reports, have a good eye for detail and ensure your books are kept up to date

  • Trust and Ethics

You need to feel comfortable with your bookkeeper and build a relationship of mutual trust and respect. It is important that they are prepared to sign an appropriate confidentiality agreement and you also agree to provide a satisfactory contract.

It is essential you provide correct, up to date and accurate information and unrestricted access to company records and accounts so your bookkeeper is fully able to undertake their responsibilities. But there is no need to give access to cash or asset processing or payments

  • Technical Knowledge

It is most important you prospective bookkeeper has that has the most up to date, advance online accounting software and a fast and efficient data entry system that is easy for you to understand. It is preferred that they have the latest cloud based system so they can make all their bookkeeping available to you in real time, so you can know just where you stand at all times, make important decisions quickly that affect the performance and profitability of your business

  • Good Communication Skills

It is essential that you have a bookkeeper that has good communication skills, is able to share ideas and methods of increasing your business profitability through cost saving strategies for budgeting and keeping costs to a minimum.

They must also be able to get on with all your other staff


Is your potential bookkeeper certified and resisted as well as qualified to look after your books and help to improve your overall business?

Do they understand the Australian tax system and all the necessary tax laws that relate to your business?

When you employ the right bookkeeper for your business they will remove all the stress of having to do all the book work yourself and frees up your time to get on with the production or sales side of your business. The right bookkeeper is a business asset that can help you improve your bottom line by keeping your financial information as well as all payments and taxes up to date allowing you to take advantage of early payment incentives or at least not incurring late payment charges


The right bookkeeper is essential to all businesses, a matter of finding someone who is qualified and capable of understanding and working within your business. Someone you can trust who is up to date with the latest digital bookkeeping ideas and can help you streamline your operation and cut costs

How To Choose A Bookkeeper

Many small business owners decide to do bookkeeping on your own during the initial stages of their business. But as the business grows, they start feeling the need of a professional bookkeeper, who can assist them with recording their company’s financial transactions, including the sales, purchases, payments, receipts etc. If you are also finding yourself in such a stage, then here are a few points that can help you choose the right bookkeeper for your business:

  • Handling of responsibilities: The bookkeeper you choose should be able to handle responsibilities of your job, including tracking revenues and expenses of your business, and overseeing your bank accounts. More experienced bookkeepers will also be able to pay the bills, file taxes, handle payrolls, and interface with the accountant.
  • All-rounding knowledge: The bookkeeper should be knowledgeable not only with general bookkeeping, but with the related accounting software programs etc. Even the most experienced bookkeeper will be useless if he cannot synchronize it with your company’s accounting software.
  • Availability: If you are hiring a part-time bookkeeper, you need to ensure that he or she will be able to devote the needed time to your job. Do not hire the one who already has a full load of work, as he or she may not be able to give you the attention that you deserve. Also make sure that he or she meets the deadlines for your job.
  • Confidentiality: You will be revealing your company’s confidential information to your bookkeeper. So, before hiring him or her, make sure that your company’s confidentiality will be maintained, and your data will be kept secured.
  • Communication skills: Bookkeeping needs a lot of attention and concentration, and it is usually done by people who are comfortable working in isolation. But this trait should not be a necessary trait of your bookkeeper’s personality. He or she should be available for communication, not only with you, but with your accountant too.
  • Ask a few questions: Before hiring a bookkeeper, make sure that he or she is not only experienced, but skilled and qualified too. Give attention to the fact that the bookkeeping course he or she joined was at least 12 weeks long, and he or she attended a course in accounting software too. Not only this, make sure that he or she undertakes training every year to hone his or her skills with the latest developments.

When you hire a qualified, experienced and skilled bookkeeper for your business, you can hand over all your finance related projects to him or her, and concentrate more on your business productivity.

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